Dear Friend,

Our children are faced with issues such as drugs, sex, and alcohol at a very young age. Peer pressure to conform or be excluded becomes the driving force that leads many astray.  Even those who have been taught right from wrong, involved in church, and brought up in Christian homes can be drawn away from Godly values.  What can we, as concerned individuals, do about this?

I believe that God has given me the answer through the vision of Christian Friends Foundation (CFF).  By making peer pressure a positive force, our children can develop lasting friendships and the ability to withstand temptaion.  Our goal is to help them face these issues together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

During 12 years of ministry, CFF has become known for:

*promoting strong Christian peer groups kindergarten through college
*helping you help your child
*enhancing family relationships through Christian principles
*developing leaders with Christian values

Will you please consider partnering with CFF to make a positive impact on our world for Christ?

In His Service,

Gwen Cooper
A Note From The Founder
Founded in 1998, CFF is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization as designated by the IRS.  CFF considers individuals and organizations without regard to race, gender, national origin, or race.  CFF abides by the guidelines of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accounability.